This week Leesa was proud and humbled to be presenting at the World Indigenous Peoples’ Conference on Education (2014) in Hawai’i. The WIPC:E conference was born in Canada in 1987. Every three years a new host nation takes responsibility for it. Conferences have been held in Aeotearoa, Hilo, Albuquerque, Woollongong, Calgary, Melbourne. One of the wonderful things about WIPC:E, is that while it is an education conference, the presenters are interested in ideas and knowledge broader than just literacy and numeracy. There are presentations and dialogue on all manner of topics, including cultural renewal, environmental sovereignty, politics, law, health and new media. One could argue that WIPC:E recognises the holistic nature of Indigenous views of the world. In that respect, I would recommend the WIPC:E experience to all Indigenous Peoples, regardless of their industry.

Leesa presented two papers this conference. You can see the slides from each presentation here:


The Iscariot Media would like to send a big Mahalo to Kapiolani Community College, the Oahu community, the local keynote speakers and local presenters, and the WIPC:E volunteers and staff, and everyone involved.

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