If you’re an Indigenous businesses, you may have already had a chat with Rachel Daniels, IM’s new Community Engagement Coordinator.

Kind, generous, passionate (and sporting some of the best nail art in the game), Rachel is a wonderful asset to our growing IM team.

Rachel Daniels joined Iscariot Media in February 2022 as the Community Engagement Coordinator. Rachel’s career started in 2017, when she re-entered the workforce and embarked on a self-empowerment journey with non-profit organisation Aboriginal Enterprises in Mining Energy and Exploration (AEMEE). Her role was to create positive change for Indigenous Businesses and their communities through connection, economic opportunities, and education in the Australian Mining and Resource Sector.

Rachel is an energetic, collaborative individual who can engage with diverse audiences by creating a safe sharing space for Indigenous entrepreneurs and industry stakeholders. She describes her most notable industry achievement as producing and executing all facets of the AEMEE conferences held annually throughout Australia. These conferences generate industry and stakeholder commitment to advancing economic development opportunities and fair and equitable outcomes for Indigenous peoples on country.

Rachel is passionate about the development and mentoring of our people by providing them with the connections, tools, encouragement, guidance, and support to empower themselves, their people, and their community.

“I believe in relationships before transactions – this builds stronger foundations paving the way for equitable economically sustainable and empowered futures within our communities”.

Impassioned by creating lasting connections, Rachel’s role at Iscariot Media will be to continue the coordination nationally of the Black Coffee movement and to mentor the Indigenous peoples that the IM team so proudly supports within the Indigenous Business sector.

Photo by Katie Embellysh

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