This year’s IWD at IM seems a little anticlimactic. We had a scheduled IWD FunRun on the weekend and various lunches. But the planet seems to have had other plans for us with our crew spending time cleaning in their communities, offices and homes. 

Timely then that this year’s United Nations Theme for International Women’s Day is Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow. 

Our graphic today is a representation of how each of us is connected. We work in different physical spaces, but we come together as one. A reminder not just for our small team but for the planet. 

We recognise IWD but also recognise that mainstream feminism has too often wilfully ignored the experiences of women of colour, Indigenous women, women with disabilities, transwomen and non-binary folk. We also recognise that businesses have continued to ignore the needs of the planet, to the detriment of all, but particularly people of colour.  

As an Indigenous woman founded business, we have committed in our own small way to address both marginalisation of communities, ensuring as many voices are heard, and also work to address climate change where we can.  

#IWD2022 #ChangingClimates

More information about this year’s theme

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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