As I mentioned previously, we’re gradually taking the leap from Blogger to WordPress for all our blogs. This month, Deadly Bloggers and The Critical Classroom will both be migrated. Unfortunately, the migrations are taking a bit longer than I anticipated. Note-to-self: never underestimate the time it takes to create a website.

In my opinion and experience Blogger really is a great place to try out ideas – it’s easy and it’s inexpensive. You can use Blogger to explore a concept and allow that idea to keep evolving. But, depending on what you want your site to do, you will more than likely move to a self-hosted site, like a WordPress one – there is way more functionality and control.

After much to-and-froing, I’ve decided to stick with the Twenty-Twelve theme. I want to keep this site simple and functional, with all our energies going into our project spaces. I have to say, I was really tempted to get out and try one of the new one page responsive themes. I was up very late (early in the morning) exploring ThemeForest. The one page responsive themes are perfect for portfolio sites – lots of gorgeous and eye-catching images. I’m looking forward to one day developing new sites using this style.

If you’re not sure of the one-page responses designers, have a look at Nicole Jensen‘s revamped site (which I love) and I noticed the other day that¬†Carbon Media is also using this style. The blue on black, and the big bold circles, looks great and really suit their brand.

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Awesome Works

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