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Many Voices Forum

about this project

Conceived as part of the annual Queensland Indigenous Business Expo and Forum, the Many Voices Forum is about increasing participant-led, grassroots engagement with the diversity of the Indigenous Business Sector.
IM conceived, developed and delivered the Many Voices Forum in 2022 as a probono contribution to the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce.

about the forum

Over the years, there have been many changes and a massive increase in the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are in business. There is a tendency to see the Indigenous business sector as a whole, a homogenous group. The reality is that there are many different groups within this one sector. The sector is joined together by our cultural identity. Indigenous businesses cover all industries, all types, across all regions.  Within our sector we have special interests - for example, greypreneurs, women, mining, retail, tourism, arts, LGBTQI, youth, education, etc.  The Many Voices forum creates spaces for mobs to have yarns within the yarn.

how does it run

Running alongside the Expo, the IM team facilitate yarns throughout the day. Groups can make submissions (for groups) before the day, or on the day. Each yarn is documented, written-up, and then sent out to participants following the event.


Bullet Points Example IM has developed a range of resources including:

  • Many Voices Forum Facilitators' Guide
  • Many Voices Canvases (to guide conversation)
  • Many Voices Participant Notebook
  • Attendance and sign-on sheets