In 2021, Iscariot Media gets ready to celebrate it’s 6th birthday as a corporation and as a creative agency.

Our Aboriginality and creativity are in our bones. They are at the heart of everything we are, and inform everything we do.

Prompted by global upheaval, we decided late last year that in 2021 we would showcase Aboriginal creativity. When everything else feels like it is falling down, we will look ahead, guided by established artists (of the past) and newcomers (of the future). It’s their creative practice that provides us with strength, inspiration, and direction.

This month we want to highlight the incredible body of work of the Tiddas. Given it’s January we can’t NOT highlight the 1996 song Anthem. It’s fierce and forthright. Written at the start of the Howard-era induced period of nationalism and patriotism that we are still experiencing, it is the perfect song in the lead up to Invasion Day.

Thank you sisters-Tiddas.

Listen here:

You can find more information about the Tiddas:

Tiddas honoured for their fierce, bold, pionerring music, Sydney Morning Herald, November 18, 2019

Tiddas were meant to play the 1993 Big Day Out – but they didn’t show up, ABC Music, 27th August 2020

Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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