I’m an avid Facebook user and an interested watcher of what’s happening in the Indigenous Business world. I spend a lot of time being asked for recommendations and ideas. And the only way I can do that is to keep up with what’s happening.

Since RSS (sadly) became a thing of the past, for many years I used Facebook Lists as a way to keep track of everything. A few months ago, however, Facebook killed the lists Function and have not really replaced it. I understand why – they want brand pages to pay to have their content seen. But there are a few odd-bods like me, who find even that approach limiting.

A workaround has been found.

I created a Facebook page called Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Businesses On Facebook (I could have called it Leesa’s follows or List1). Then as my Page I started following other pages.

When it’s lunchtime and I’m relaxing on Facebook, I go to the page, click on the Pages Feed (see image below), and all the posts come up. Because I’m seeing their entire Pages Feed, I’m actually seeing more posts than I would normally see when they appear on my feed. Remember – the algorithm limits the number of posts that will appear.

I haven’t made any posts from the page – that’s not really the point of it. I’ve only filled in the description information to people know who made the page and why. I guess I could use the page as an Interest Page to promote Indigenous businesses, but I don’t have any plans to do that just yet.

Anyone can like the page and follow the Pages Feed. Check it out at www.facebook.com/BlackBusinessAus.

I should note, that I’m sure this workaround will last for about twelve months. My post from 2015 is now redundant. I wonder how long before this one needs updating. 

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