Scrolling through Facebook on a random Friday night and this ad comes up on my screen. Um… okay. What’s going on here? CCIQ of course at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland, so naturally you’d think a stock image of good-looking business suit types would be featured.

But no, they’re cleverly mixing it up and it’s just begging to be clicked. The message “we get small business” combined with the children asleep in their car seats, is speaking to so many people in small business. Small business people are less the cool corporate types, and more often than not, ordinary mum and dad types trying to find and execute the balance between work and home.

I really like this approach. It speaks to the heart of who small business people really are.

I have to say the second part of the execution was less successful for me. I was expecting to see a post about work/home balance, but nope, it leads to what I would argue I doesn’t fit with the lead message.  I’m not sure if it’s because the voice is different? It goes from “We get small business” to “You sweat the small stuff”. It may also be because the lead image is such an ordinary photo (I have photos of my own kids just like this one), but once you hit the site, everyone is a little too beautiful and professionally done.  I do feel like the disconnect is also in part because the link is basically straight to a membership form, rather than a piece of content (a post by someone I can related to perhaps?) telling me that you understand my challenges.



Despite the inconsistency, I really like CCIQ’s thinking here. And I’m definitely on the look out for more messaging that get small business.

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