I’m still amazed by the number of small business owners who still think social media is ‘what I had for breakfast’. They see it as a waste of time, silly and frivolous. Or, they think that it takes too much time away from ‘real’ business activities.

Business owners (and I’m generally referring to micro-business owners like myself) who think this way, are doing themselves and their businesses a disservice.

If all you see of social media is ‘I’m going to the toilet now‘, or ‘Look I baked a cake‘, then you really aren’t seeing the full picture.

What you’re not seeing in social platforms are the things that I see. When I engage in social media I see

  • the professional development knowledge being shared
  • the change to forge stronger business connections
  • the opportunity to get to know your customers and your clients more deeply
  • a platform to express myself and my business ideas.

If you simply dismiss social media out of hand, I wonder what other areas of your personal and professional life, are given such short shrift. And I wonder, would I really want to work with this person?

In business as in life

you get out what you put in
you see what you’re looking for

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Awesome Works

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