Despite being a decade old, there are still many in business new to “social media” as a marketing tool.¬†Wearing my Indigenous Small Business supporter hat, I still see many small business people (especially when they’re starting out) posting things like,

only 40 more likes to 500
wow! We’ve got 1000 followers now
help us get to 300 followers and we’ll give something away

I get it. It looks good if your page has a good number of followers. It tells visitors that other people think your product must be good, and it can serve to validate your hard work.

But it’s really important, that in the race to reach a number ending in ’00, or ‘000, or even ‘0,000, you don’t forget what it is, or should be about.

It’s not about the numbers, it’s about the engagement. Having 10,000 followers is easy if you have enough money. But 10,000 followers who don’t care about your product are worth less than 10 followed who love your content.

Spend less time worry about getting new followers, and more time serving the ones you have – with great content and a worthy product.10,000 likes is great, but if no one buys your stuff, they’re just a waste of your precious time.

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Awesome Works

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