It has to be said up front that I loathe early mornings, and I don’t drink coffee. I had one cup of coffee once … actually it was a few sips of a cup that someone made for me. So let’s get that square straight up …

Despite loathing both these things (early starts + coffee), this morning I hosted the first Indigenous Business Networking – Friday Coffee Morning for the South East Queensland Indigenous Chamber of Commerce. I say the “first”, because I’m hoping that there will be many more.

Look, the thing is, I fu3king love being in business, despite how haphazard my business practices might be. I love the thought of going out and hustling for the next gig. The reality is, this is much more exciting that pulling a fortnightly wage (probably a hugely unfair description of employment .. but there you go … ). (sorry kids)

I also love the idea of Blackfella businesses finally, after EVERYTHING, of making it, and smashing the competition. This may not be my business, but I can see a few out there who are doing just that (I’m thinking of Gilimbaa and Carbon Media here).

I’ve written a post on the SEQICC site, that explains what the event is, and how I’m involved.  In this post I invoke Working Girl. If you know, you’d get the reference straight up. 

It’s 12am, and with that, goodnight.

Cheers, Leesa

Ps. I hate the smell of coffee. Give me straight black tea any day. 

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