Collaborative working is such a significant component of modern day workplaces. The Iscariot Media team work in different locations, and often asynchronously. Being able to access documents from multiples devices at any time of the day is imperative. The availability of cloud services mean this option is now an option for many small business. Evernote is a collaborative cloud based tool that was primarily designed for what what its name suggestions – Notetaking. I created an Evernote account a few years ago, but it’s only recently that I’ve begun to use it seriously, and now I thoroughly recommend it.

In Evernote, your documents are organised using Notebooks. Within each Notebook, you create Notes. Notebooks and Notes can be shared with your colleagues, as well as made public. Other features of Evernote include adding files (ie. attachments), setting reminders, and Web Clipper. Evernote can be downloaded and synced to multiple devices. I currently have Evernote on my phone, laptop and desktop computer. I can tell you, having files in Evernote and synced across devices, has already saved my skin (ie. saved a Sale) once.

What I’m liking about Evernote, is that the interface is straightforward, clean and uncluttered. As I’m using it more, I’m getting to know different features. As a collaborative tool, we’ve now set up client File Notes, so that multiple team members can access and edit Notes as they complete a task. Each Note, at the end of a job, can be turned into a PDF for archiving.

Like many other services, Evernote has a free subscription option, so it costs nothing to sign up and see if could work for you. Once you’ve decided that Evernote is for you, you can purchase a Premium and/or Business subscription.

I highly recommend Evernote. Are you using Evernote? What’s your favourite feature?

Cheers, Leesa

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