Crazy week this week. In between everything (life, etc. ), we finally uploaded a design to our Dark and Disturbing  catalogue. We’ve decided to have two streams of designs, or two separate catalogues, one on Redbubble and one with our own hand-printed stock.

It should be an exciting time, though perhaps a tad confusing as I have shirts selling all over the place under different “handles”. There’s my shirts (designs that are my own idea that I’m selling from my own personal Redbubble account) and then there are the Dark and Disturbing designs that are Vernon’s designs (though there will be other artist designs in the future).

And of course, Iscariot Media also manages the proppaNOW shirts.

We still have a heap of work to do to get Dark and Disturbing up properly. We are still deciding on which design to print first. So many to choose from. Hopefully it will be ready by the end of March.

I think my head is going a bit womba – too many things going on and too many Twitter accounts.

Life if a little exciting!

Cheers, Leesa

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Awesome Works
Awesome Works

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