During the second last half of the year it occurred to me that I needed to be blogging more. My output for 2012 was decidedly lower than in the previous years. I look at folks like Anita Heiss – a prolific blogger – and I cringe at my efforts.

Anyway, I figured I wouldn’t be the only one, and that other bloggers, in particular the Deadly Bloggers, could do with a publishing challenge.

Hence the #db13 challenge – 52 posts in 52 weeks. I’ve written a list of topic ideas. When I’m back at my desk next week, I’ll pull them together into a nice downloadable file.

Here is a quick pic I created tonight using InstaCollage on my iPhone. The background image is a New Year’s Eve image of Annie holding a sparkler.

Anyway, wish me luck. Surely I can fail like I did my 52 week National Year of Reading challenge in 2012.

See you on the blogside,

Cheers, Leesa

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Awesome Works

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