When you’re starting out as a content creator, you know that you might have to do some free stuff in order to build your portfolio. But a point is eventually reached where the ‘can you do it for free, it will give you great exposure’ argument is no longer tenable.

I have no statistics on the number of hours creatives typically will give away for free or at a drastically reduced price, only anecdotes and personal experience.
I’ve always wanted to compile a client induction document. Something that prospective clients can access before we have our first meeting. This magical document would explain the process in clear detail what happens, and why it costs what it costs and why it costs what it costs. I’m sure some clients thing that logos/brand statements are done overnight.
Not only would my induction explain our process to clients in order to help us, it would also help them save time and money. Today Michael put me onto Raja Sandhu, an award-winning designer, who has created a great list of FAQs for design clients. In lieu of my own induction package, this will have to do.
And relating to my first point though, the do-if-for-free-the exposure-will-do-you-good mantra is challenged here (a couple of swears):

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Awesome Works

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